Top-Rated Push Reel Lawn Mowers

There are various types of lawn mowers available in the market. With the changing faces of technology, you can find models that come with advanced features and functions. Despite the existence of modern mowers, manual push reel mowers are still in great demand.

Through the years, push reel mowers have undergone a number of modifications and improvements. As with other type of gardening tools, present-day units offer new features that have not been existed before to accommodate varied needs of the users. There are many options available to choose from.

Here are some of the top-rated push reel lawn mowers out there:


Scotts 2000-20

1. Scotts 2000-20

The classic push reel mower comes with a wide, 20″ cutting path. The Scotts 2000-20 is manufactured with a 5 blade, ball bearing reel. Coming with two 10 inch radial tread tires and two 6 inch rear tracking wheels, this model is suitable for bigger jobs or uneven terrain. There are 9 different cutting height settings to choose from. Changing cutting heights can be accomplished easily with quick-snap height adjusters.


Fiskars 6201

2. Fiskars 6201

Featuring a number of unique features, this 18″ grass cutting tool can be considered as one of the most advanced reel mowers available today. The Fiskars 6201 is designed to eliminate uncut strips from under the wheels. It claims to deliver twice the cutting power of standard units. With the StaySharp cutting system, the mower cuts grass without the blades touching. This makes the blades stay sharp longer.


Greenworks 25072

3. Greenworks 25072

Without a doubt, the Greenworks 25072 is one of the most popular lawn mowers out there. This unit is equipped with a grass catcher, allowing you to collect the grass clippings when you need to. Backed by a full four-year warranty, the manufacturer is confident about the durability of this product. Considering all the features offered, the 20″ 5-blade push reel lawn mower is one of the most affordable reel mowers available on the market.


Great States 415-16

4. Great States 415-16

This light reel lawn mower by Great States comes with cutting width of 16 inches, which is a perfect size for a small yard. With a narrow cut, this unit is ideal for mowing contours. This Great States mower also has the ablity to cut the grass as low as 1/2″ in height.



Brill 78371

5. Brill 78371 Razorcut

The German engineered reel lawnmower is another good option. It weighs merely 17 pounds, making it one of the lightest reel lawn mowers on the market. There is no such thing as a totally free maintenance lawn mower. But if you desire a nearly maintenance free unit, then the Brill 78371 is a mower for you. The push hand lawn mower is made with a sealed ball-bearing mounted reel that does not need oiling. Featuring a non-contact cutting system, it also does not require frequent blade sharpening.

In some instances, a cylinder or reel mower is superior to a gas-powered unit. They can produce a very fine cut. Keep in mind however that not all reel mower cutting units are created equal. Once you decide that a reel-type mower is for you, the next step is to determine which one best meets your needs. You may consider to get one of the best-selling units listed above.


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