Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ407E 20-Inch Electric Lawn Mower Review

For those who find it difficult to get a quality electric walk behind lawn mower, the Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ407E can be a good choice. For its asking price, the MJ407E comes with a list of good features that make it well worth looking at. In this review you will find information regarding the main features of the push-behind mower, along with the pros and cons.

Powered by a 12 amp, 120V/60Hz motor, the Sun Joe mower is designed for small lawns of a quarter-acre or less. Since theMow Joe is electrically powered, there is no oil, sparkplugs and filters to change, no loud noise to worry about, and no gas to fiddle with. If your old gas mower is getting too difficult to get started, this electric mower is worth taking a closer look. Unlike cordless units, there is also no battery to replace.

The feedback for the motorized lawn mower suggests that the unit is very easy to start and operate. Hold the switch control lever to the hand grip to operate the mower. To stop it, just release the lever. The Mow Joe MJ407E is an ETL-approved electric corded mower that indicates it has met the minimum requirements of a widely accepted U.S. product safety standard.

This manual push lawn mower uses a 20 inch steel blade. It provides 7 position cutting height adjustment for varying lawn conditions (1-3/4 in, 2 in, 2-1/4 in, 2-1/2 in, 3 in, 3-1/4 in and 3-3/4 in). Adjusting the height of this grass cutting machine is a pretty straight forward process. Simply push or pull the height adjustment lever to raise or lower the cutting blade. One lever to raise all wheels.

This three-in-one mower has three different functions: mulch, side discharge and rear bag. The 15.06 gallons rear bag is made of a light-weight mesh. To recirculate grass clippings into the lawn, install the mulch plug. It can help replenish nutrients in the grass and keep the soil cool and moist during the summer time. Use the discharge chute when the grass is too tall or wet to mulch.

It can be said that the Sun Joe MJ407E is a maintenance free lawn mower. Just inspect and replace/sharped the blade if required. The main disadvantage of using corded electric lawn mowers is their mobility. The maximum distance thismower can travel from the outlet is 100 ft. The minimum extension cord rating that you can use is 12 gauge. For cord length up to 100 feet, it is normally recommended to use 14-gauge cord. Just refer to the manual to determine the appropriate rating.

The mowing machine weighs 57 lbs. It certainly is not the lightest in the market but this should not be a deal breaker. The mower is equipped with 7 inches front and 8 inches rear wheels. You can CLICK HERE to compare it with two other mowers from the same company, the Mow Joe MJ401E and MJ403E.

The Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ407E 20-Inch electric lawn mower commands a respectable 4.6 stars out of 5 on the Amazon ratings. There is not much bad to be said for this grass cutter. Users have reported that it meets their expectations. There is no issue with its cutting performance.

If you are in the market for a corded electric walk behind mower, this definitely is one you might consider. A great option for anyone with a small lawn who does not want to mess with gas, oil and spark-plugs that come with a gas powered mower.

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