Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe – A Review Of The 14-Inch Electric Lawn Mower

Sun-Joe MJ401E

The Sun Joe MJ401E is a good choice for people who are in need of a small, maintenance free electric lawn mower. The overall dimensions of this unit is 35.5 x 16.0 x 38.5, making it one of the smallest electric mowers available. There are a number of characteristics that makes it special or different from any other mower.

Specially designed for small yards, it cuts at a width of 14 inches. But just like other bigger models, it uses a 12 amp electric motor to spin the blades. It is true that amperage rating does not necessarily relate to cutting power. But generally speaking, the higher the value, the better the performance of the lawn mower.

Three cutting height positions are provided to choose from, enabling you to cut grass as short as 0.8 inch, up to 2.4 inches. Unlike standard models, there is no height adjustment lever. It uses a spring loaded mechanism to set the height of cut. There are notches for positioning the wheel axles. Each wheel has to be adjusted separately.

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Sun-Joe MJ401E blade housing

The MJ401E is designed for use with a grass catcher. A hard top rear bag is included in the package. Made for mowing grass in yards up to 1/4 acre in size, the capacity of the detachable bag is 10.6 gallons. There is no side opening for expelling grass clippings. It also does not offer mulching capability.

This unit is equipped with a safety lock-off button to prevent accidental starting. To start the motor, you need to depress the safety switch and use your other hand to pull the trigger towards you. You need to grip the trigger to maitain operation.

This unit does not come with an extension cord. You have to purchase an extension cord to go with it. The minimum extension cord rating for this mower is 14 gauge. To be on the safe side, use an outdoor rated cord. Just in case you want to know, the lower the gauge, the thicker the wire and the more current it can carry.

Both the front and rear plastic wheels are 5.5 inches in size. It has a holder attached to the handle to secure the power cord. This small, ETL approved lawn comes comes with 2 years warranty.

At this time of writing, Amazon reviewers give the Sun Joe MJ401E 4.1 stars out of 311 reviews. It seems most owners are thrilled with the mowing abilities of this unit.

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Sun-Joe MJ401E rear mounted bag

The walk behind lawn mower has received largely positive reviews. Inevitably, as with any product, there are negative comments that have been voiced by a number of reviewers.

Based on the reviews, the mower is easy to setup. But the instruction manual could be better. Furthermore, many reviewers wish the product came with a bigger grass catcher. Be prepared to empty the bag several times before you finish the job.

Further complaints have been made about the wheel adjustments. According to many reviewers, setting the height of cut is not difficult.. But there should be a better protection to keep the wheels from jumping out of their slot.

Finally, a negative review has been written for the fact that the unit is mostly plastic. This lightweight lawn mower is not constructed for rough terrain however.

Despite having a few downsides, the mower has a number of characteristics that have impressed the customers.

When it comes to cutting power, many reviewers have found that it delivers what it is supposed to deliver. Just keep in mind that the MJ401E is not a heavy duty unit. Don’t expect something unrealistic in terms of capability.

A lot of customers have also been impressed with how easy the mower is to move around. The narrow design makes it possible for users to get into tight spots.

Another features of the cutting equipment that has impressed the reviewers is its quiet operation.

Considering the positive points, it is no surprise the small corded lawn mower has gained so much popularity. It is a great unit for women, senior citizen or people with back problems who are looking for an affordable mower to maintain their small yards.

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