Snapper SP100 Review – Is The Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Worth The Price?

Snapper SP100

The Snapper SP100 is lawn mower that comes with a 21″ cutting deck, making it suitable for the households with average lawn areas. If you have difficulty pushing a manual push lawn mower, then this self-propelled model is definitely worth checking out. There is no need to push your mower, allowing you to mow the lawn with minimal effort. You simply walk behind the mower and control the direction.

This 21″ rotary lawn mower has power drive to the rear wheels. Rear wheel mowers are generally a great option for homeowners with an abundance of hills to mow. Compared with front-wheel drive units, they tend to be more expensive. FWD system works best on relatively flat surfaces. However, mowers with RWD design provide better traction control on steeper hills. This is the reason many people prefer rear wheel drive over front wheel.

A 175 cc Briggs & Stratton engine powers the rear wheel drive self-propelled mower. Coming with overhead valve design, the 4-cycle, 1 cylinder engine offers 7.75 ft-lbs Net Torque. The fuel tank capacity of the engine is 0.3 gallon. With a ReadyStart® starting system, there is no need to prime or choke to start the engine. The mower features a 12-volt key start with recoil starting system.

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The Snapper 21″ walk-behind lawn mower is a standard low-wheel model. Featuring solid steel front and rear axles, both the rear and the front wheels measure 8 inches. Models with large wheels on the back of the deck are supposed to provide a smoother motion in rough and uneven terrain. But with a uniform wheel size, you can expect this mower to be relatively easy to maneuver.

The Snapper SP100 offers 3-in-1 capabilities that enables you to either mulch, bag or side-discharge the clippings. The grass bag holds 1.9 bushel. With a variable speed self-propelled system, you can operate the mower at a comfortable pace. Adjust the mower to a speed that is comfortable for you by pressing or depressing the handle. You can adjust the speed of the mower up to 3.5 mph.

The 21″ deck is constructed of 15-gauge steel. There is a water port on its surface so that you can easily rinse grass clippings from the underside of the cutting deck. You can choose between six height positions, ranging from 1.25″ – 3.75″. This allows you to properly cut different grass types. The single point adjustment system will make it easy for you to adjust the deck height to meet your grass conditions.

The auto drive rear roller lawnmower costs about the same as the average self-propel gas model. But as in any products, there will always be imperfections. It is not a CARB compliant lawn mower for instance. The 2014 model, the Snapper SP105, has also been introduced to the market. However, considering all the positive aspects of this competitively priced lawn mower, you may agree that it is still a great choice for homeowners and gardening enthusiasts.

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