Robotic Lawn Mower – An Easy Way To Create a Beautiful Lawn

Isn’t it great to own a mowing machine which is able to keep your lawn mowed automatically? With the advancement of technology, there are now automatic grass cutting machines on the market to choose from. For people with a busy schedule or have a back pain, it is a great idea to own a robotic mower for doing all the “dirty” work. Even if you lawn is relatvely small, nothing wrong by delegating your grass cutting tasks to a robotic mower.

Lawnbott LB1200

The LawnBott LB1200 does not require a perimeter wire to operate.

Robot lawn mowers are not all created equal. Sophisticated units are equipped with advanced sensors to get the job done without much intervention in your part. Some use ultrasonic sensor instead of traditional bumpers to detect obstacles. The LawnBott LB1200 does not even need a perimeter wire to operate. The Spyder Robotic Lawn Mower has the ability to detect whether or not an area is occupied by grass.

There are models which are suitable for relatively flat lawns. Some models have the ability to mow lawns with uneven terrain. The LawnBott LB3510 and LB3550 are even equipped with an inclinometer, a feature to keep them on the intended course. It is useful to handle lawns with hills or slopes. The LawnBott LB3510 is designed to tackle up to 25-degree slopes.

The advantage of using a robotic lawn mower is it allows you to keep your lawn looking great without sacrificing the environment. Just think of it as a cordless electric lawn mower. It runs clean since there is no oil or gas to deal with. There is no power cord to manage. When it comes to run time, a lower end model such as the LawnBott LB1200 Spyder can mow for about 5 hours per charge. The lithium-ion battery powered lawn mower is designed for yards up to 5,500 square feet.

RoboMow RL 2000

The RoboMow RL2000 is designed to mow big domestic lawns.

When talking about robotic mowers, we are talking about automation. The RoboMow RL2000, for example, is designed to mow entirely by itself. The automatic grass cutting machine can be programmed to automatically depart from its base station on a schedule and back to the station for recharging.

Many units is equipped with a rain sensor. If it rains, they will automaically return to the charging dock. However, if you are looking for a weatherproofed unit, current models from Husqvarna such as the Automower 220AC are designed to work regardless of the weather conditions.

Just like regular cordless lawn mowers, autonomous robotic lawn mowers also come with a number of safety features. The RoboMow RL2000 has a Child Lock feature to prevent children from operating it freely. If the mower is picked up or tilted off the ground, the blade will stop automatically. There is also an anti-theft system to prevent the machine from being stolen and used elsewhere.

A robot lawnmower will let you enjoy more free time to do other things. A number of models still require human supervision. But one thing for sure, you will not have to perform the actual task of mowing. If you have grass allergies, for instance, a cordless robotic mower is the way to go.

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