Ride-On Lawn Mower Types

A riding lawn mower can make lawn care a whole lot easier. For some people this may be a pricey option but if you have a lot of ground to cover then buying a riding lawn mower is a wise move. Not only it allows you to spend less time working in the yard, it also makes cutting the grass fun.

If you decide to purchase a riding lawn mower, it is the time to look for the one that suits your criteria. Basically, there are three different types riding mowers: standard, lawn tractor and zero turning radius.

Standard Riding Mowers
Common household style units
A conventional riding mower is perfect if you do not have a lot of obstacles to mow around. Designed for residential use, the engine is situated at the rear. Compared to the two other types, ride-on mowers come with smaller cutting widths and engine sizes. However, rear-mounted engines provide better visibility. Typically they come with a single-blade mowing deck.

Lawn & Garden Tractors
Unlike standard ride-on models, lawn and garden tractors have the engine in front and the seat behind. True, full-sized garden tractors that come with extra wide axles do pretty well on steep hills. Powered by more powerful engines, tractor type riding mowers offer 50″ and above witdh of cuts. But a larger deck size also means a wider turning radius.

Small front-engine lawn tractors are powerful enough for light towing. They typically have a belt-drive motor. Bigger models are driven by a direct-drive motor and offer more versatility since they accept a wide variety of add-ons such snow removal attachments. They are suitable for those who need different jobs to tackle.

Zero-Turn Riding Mowers
Coming with rear wheel independent steering, ZTR mowers are suitable for people with lots of trees or turns to mow. They can eliminate the need for trimming. The tire speed is controlled by two levers. Compared to a standard riding mower with similar specs, a zero-turn is a bit more expensive.

Entry-level models usually come with 30″-63″ cutting width that are ideal for the weekend warrior. The semi-pros have more horsepower, a bigger fuel tank capacity and a wider cutting width. They are powered by twin cylinder engines. You will want a semi-pro for daily use. Keep in mind however that zero turn is not worth the extra cash if you plan to mow on steep slopes.

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