Review of The Remington 18A-212A783 19-Inch 12-Amp Corded Lawn Mower

Remington 18A-212A783 19-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The Remington 18A-212A783 lets you mow without the hassle of oil or gasoline. Corded mowers are generally well suited for small lawns less than a quarter acre. Compared to gas or cordless models, they are also least expensive to operate. Read below to determine whether the features of this power equipment line up well with your needs.

Powered by a 12-volt motor, it should be operated on a 15 or 20 Amp circuit. The beauty of using an electric mower is there is no recoil cord to pull to start the engine. With this unit, you only need to press a starter button and hold it and then squeeze a control level to get the motor going. Those who have back problems will appreciate the starting mechanism. This mower is also fitted with overload protection feature that will stop the operation of the motor if it is overloaded.

Featuring a 19-Inch, 3-In-1 steel cutting deck, you can use it as a mulcher. There is a bag that can be mounted behind the mower for disposing grass clippings. It also can discharge the grass through the side. The Remington cordless mower 18A-212B783 offers similar features. But coming with a removable battery, it is sold at a much higher price.

You can move the wheels to a higher or lower cutting height position. There are 6 cut height settings that you can choose, ranging from 1.25 to 3.5 Inches. To raise or lower the deck, this unit incorporates a single-lever height control mechanism. Located above the rear wheel, there is a lever that makes setting the desired cutting height quick and convenient.

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Remington 18A-212A783 Rear Bag

The Remington rotary push mower does not feature high rear wheels. Some models are fitted with high wheels in the back to cope with bumps and rough terrain. The rear tire size is 8″ and the front is 7 inch. It is clear that this unit is designed to tackle small, flat yards. To help absorb vibration, the Remington walk behind mower features an ergonomic handle with foam cushion grip.

As with any corded unit, the Remington 18A-212A783 has some limitations. Power cord will limit how far you can go. Normally, corded electrics are are limited to a distance of 100 feet from a power outlet. However, each type has certain pros and cons.

Some negative reviews have been made in relation to the wheel and the grass catches. But despite a few flaws, the majority of customers seem to be very happy with this unit. According to them, setup is pretty straight forward and it is lighter when compared to gas alternative.

The Remington 18A-212A783 is not the best corded lawn mower on the market. But only you can determine whether or not it meets your personal requirements. To get a better understanding of the 19-Inch unit you can read through the customer reviews in more detail by clicking HERE.

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