Protect Your Mowing Machine With a Universal Lawn Mower Cover

Classic Accessories 73117 Black Lawn Mower Cover

Leaving your mower exposed is really a bad idea. It can lead to rust and other damage. With a lawn mower cover, you can inexpensively protect your expensive equipment. It is a cheap and easy way to keep your mower running smoothly after being stored for several months without use. A universal size protective cover for tractor mowers that fits virtually all makes and models can be purchased for less than $35.

Lawn mower covers are available in numerous shapes and sizes. Many manufacturers even sell fitted covers for their products. The advantage of buying one which is designed for a particular model is this ensures your machine will be covered all the right spots. It will fit your lawn mower perfectly. If you have a 21″ Honda mower, for instance, consider to opt for this mower cover. It sells around $50 on

If you cannot find the original cover for your mower, using a universal model that fits most types and brands can be a great solution. Whether you have a ride or push model, it will not be hard to find one that matches your particular machine. Below are some universal lawn mower covers available in the market today.

Universal Olive Push Lawn Mower Cover

Priced around $20, it is made of double stitched polyester that is waterproof. User reviews suggest that it gives very good coverage. The universal fit elastic stretch band ensures the cover will be held in place. Universally sized for gas, electric and push reel lawn mowers, it measures 36″L x 21″W. There is no such a one size fits all lawn mower cover. However, if you are in the market for an inexpensive mower cover, then based on the Amazon’s customer feedback this product is worth considering. This olive colored mower cover also looks nice. It will easily blend with the environment.

Classic Accessories 73117 Black Lawn Mower Cover

The all-weather protective cover measures 48″L x 18.5″W x 13.5″H. It comes with a drawstring to tighten it up. Many Amazon’s reviewers have reported that it does a good job of covering their mowers. Designed to protect push, gas, or electric lawn mowers from the rain and hot sun, the material is waterproof. Some people wish it came with a heavier gauge material. The fabric seems a bit thin. However, most reviewers seem very satisfied with this product. It also appears to be doing the job during winter months.

Universal Walk Behind Mower Cover 490-290-0012

Featuring weather-protected fabric, many owners have reported that it is worth the money. They have appreciated the quality of the material. According to a couple of owners, it is strong enough to endure heavy rains with no leaks. While it is not perfect, it serves its purpose. The straps will keep it from blowing around during windy conditions.

Backyard Basics Lawn Mower Cover

Constructed of dual layer PVC FREE material, this generic style lawn mower cover has also received many positive feedback. While the soft inner layer is designed to protect the furniture finish, the outer layer is designed for strength and weather resistance. The lawn mower cover measures 56-inch by 18-inch by 74-inch. The elastic around the bottom part will keep out wind-blown debris and leaves. When it comes to longevity, do not expect much from a cheap cover. However, based on the customer feedback, it does what it claims.

Maxpower Deluxe Riding Lawn Mower Cover

If you are looking for a nice economical cover to protect your riding mower, this product is worth taking a closer look. Measuring 78-inch x 30-inch x 48-inch, it has been advertised to fit some grills and motorcycles. For those looking for a general purpose cover, this one can be a good choice. It may not be constructed of a really thick material. Further, some wish it had more options to secure the cover to the lawn mower. But despite its simplicity, many buyers have commented that this very affordable cover is a good value.

Backyard Basics Riding Mower Cover

This one from Backyard Basics is a product that would fit many riding mowers. It measures 65-inch by 48-inch by 40-inch. The overal dimensions make it suitable for a lot of things. The riding mower cover has a number of good reviews on Amazon. Priced less than $30, the material thickness, while not great, seems good enough. The cord at the bottom will help keep the cover sticking to your mower.

If you do not have housing for your mower, you definitely need a cover. A universal fit lawn mower cover is much cheaper than a storage shed. It is also much more simple. If you need a quick and affordable solution to protect your mower from the elements, then a universal protective cover is the answer. They may not be strong enough to withstand too many years outside. But even if you have to replace your cover every couple of years, it is worth it. Just be sure to pick one that will totally cover your mowing machine.

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