Lawn-Boy 17734 Review – What is Good About The Self Propelled Gas Mower?

Lawn Boy has been a backyard.icon for years. In 2005, the company launched a brand new lineup of walk-behind mowers. This article reviews one of their products, the Lawn-Boy 17734. Let’s take a look at why this Self propelled drive mower is one to consider.

Lawn-Boy 17734

The Kohler XT-6 engine that powers this unit comes with OHV design for fuel efficiency. The net peak torque of the 149cc, vertical shaft engine is 5.9 at 2600 RPM. Coming with Smart-Choke technology, the amount of fuel needed to start the engine is automatically adjusted. No need to worry about flooding the engine. The fuel tank capacity is .25 gal.

This unit features a rear-wheel drive system to provide better traction in a variety of cutting conditions. While a front wheel drive system is preffered for flat, complex yards which require a lot of turning, a rear drive mower is suitable for those who need the extra power to handle yards with lots of hills and obstacles. You should not use a residential model like this for mowing on excessively steep slopes however.

The 17734 comes standard with 8-inch rear wheels.The front wheels are inches in diameter. Large wheels in back generally offer better stability and perform better on uneven terrain. However, smaller sized wheels make the mower easier to turn.

Lawn-Boy 17734 3-in-1 feature

As you know, Lawn Boy offers a variety of 20″ walk behind mowers for smaller households. The 17734 has a 21-inch wide cutting deck, allowing you to do the job faster. The maximum cutting height is 3.75″. At 1.25″, it has a typical minimum height. Coming with a two-point height of cut feature, this unit uses steel instead of plastic or aluminum for the deck.

The Lawn-Boy 17734 is recommended for a yard of 1/2 Acre or less. It offers a top mount bagging system. Offering mulching capability, it comes with a Tri-Cut cutting system. Side discharge is optional. Keep in mind that this consumer model is not designed for cutting brush.

This model is CARB compliant, making it good option for people who desire an environmentally friendly gasoline-powered walk behind mower. The Lawn-Boy 17730 is also a CARB approved mower. It offers 11-inch high wheel feature. But the 17730 is not offered with electric start and self-propel system.

Compare the Lawn-Boy 17734 with other models from the same company here.

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