In Review: Black & Decker LM175 18-Inch Corded Electric Mower

The Black & Decker LM175 is a corded electric mower that comes equipped with a 6.5 Amp motor. For a small yard, there is no need to buy the higher amp model. Generally, a 6.5 amp unit generates about 1/2-1 horsepower. This unit can be a great option for seniors or women who need a lightweight lawn mower to keep their small lawns in shape.

Black-and-Decker LM175 Black-and-Decker LM175 cutting grass

The LM175 walk behind mower is designed to side-discharge the grass clippings. An optional grass catcher can be purchased at extra cost. The side assemble bag (BA-075) will cost you around $20. There are times when you want to collect lawn clippings in the bag. It does not have mulching capability however. For this purpose you need to get a unit with a higher amperage.

Lighter in weight than gas powered ones, it offers great movability. It weighs only 35 pounds. There are no sparkplugs to change and gasoline to fiddle with. However, there are some limitations that you need to take into account when working with a corded tool. The maximum extension cord length that you can use is 100 ft.
The minimum recommended wire gauge is 14. You need to buy the power cord since it does not come with one.

Designed for yards up to 1/4 acre, It has a 18 inch cutting width. A narrow deck is a plus if you have some tight spaces to mow. The rust resistant polymer cutting deck comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The height adjustment mechanism will make it easier for you to achieve the desired grass height. There are cutting height positions that you can choose. Raising or lowering all four wheels is accomplished with a single pull of a lever. The top setting gives a cutting height of 3-1/2 inches. In the lowest position, the cutting height is set to 1 inches.

In addition to the single-lever height adjustment, there are other features worth noting. There is a switch lever that allows you to easily turn off the mower and stop the blade. This is an important safety feature in case you strike a foreign object during mowing.

The size of the rear wheel is 7 inch. With overall dimensions of 32.5 x 24.8 x 13.1 inches, it will not take up much space. The decibel rating of this unit is 78-85 dbl. Not as loud as any gas powered unit, but loud enough for an electric lawn mower.

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Reviews are generally quite positive regarding this 18-Inch push mower. The Black & Decker LM175 has received many customer feedback at It currently has a review rating of 4.3/5 stars.

Like any other product, this mower is not completely flawless. You will not be able to mulch with this unit. Furthermore, it does not come with a foldable handle. The bag (not included) could also be a little bigger.

Despite a few downsides, the B&D LM175 possesses many characteristics that have pleased the reviewers. For many people, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Based on the reviews, it is a powerful mower for small and light jobs. Surely if you have a lot of high, thick grass to cut, expect to pay more for a more powerful model. Too tall and thick grass can bog it down. But for an inexpensive mower, it does the job.

It is not a self-propelled lawn mower. But if you want a unit which is easy to push around then based on the customer feedback you will be pleased with this machine.

Like other corded electric lawn mowers, the feedback for the LM175 suggests that the unit is easy to start. No need to pull a recoil cord to start the unit.

There is no product for everyone. But if you desire an economical lawn mower, then the Black & Decker LM175 is a great choice. Being lightweight, compact and easy to use makes it one of the most popular corded electric mowers available.

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