Husqvarna 961450023 HU700H Rear Wheel Drive Mower

Husqvarna 961450023 HU700H 22-inch lawn mower

Husqvarna lawn mowers are well respected and the HU700H model is one of the best in their range. Equipped with a rear-wheel drive system, it is for you who are looking for a mower that provides better traction when mowing uphill. As with everything you buy, however, there are always pros and cons. Here is an unbiased review of the 3-in-1 mower to help you decide whether buying it is the right move for you.

The cutting deck is 22” (55.88 cm) wide. It is made of steel. At 91 lbs (41.28 kg), this mower is definitely not light in weight. That said, the self-propelled feature makes it a non-issue. The heavy deck is also an advantage if you are mowing over uneven ground. People have found that is relatively easy to push without it being self-propelled.

As with almost any mower sold today, this cutting machine is equipped with an operator presence control bar. For safety reasons, you must have it engaged for the engine to run. The engine shuts off when you release the bar. This mower has no blade clutch. The blade turns when the engine is running.

There is a drive control lever that is used to control forward motion. The further you pull the lever toward the handle, the faster the unit will travel. You can use either left or right hand to engage the self propelled drive.

You can stop forward motion without stopping the engine by releasing the drive control lever while still holding the operator presence control bar down to the handle. Generally, front wheel drive mowers are more maneuverable than units with a rear drive system. Turning is a little tricky with RWD units but with this feature you can easily pivot this mower 180 degrees.

Honda makes the little 160cc engine. The Husqvarna HU700H does not offer push button electric start. That said, with no choke to mess with, many reviewers have been pleased with how easy it is to start. The motor starts with a simple pull.
Gasoline containing up to 10% ethanol is acceptable for use in this 2015 model.

The Husqvarna 961450023 HU700H is a 3-in-1 mower. While it is ready to be used as a mulcher, it also allows you to bag or side discharge grass clippings. The grass collection bag has a capacity of 2.3 cu.feet (81.05 l), not very large compared to other 22″ mowers on the market but not too small either.

This mower has been described as efficient and ergonomic. Height adjustment is done with a single lever for added convenience. Many mowers out there require each wheel to be adjusted separately. It has a maximum cutting height of approximately 95,25 mm (3,75″). For most home lawns, a mowing height between 2½ to 3 inches is a good target. The lowest setting is 28.4 mm (1,11″).

Husqvarna 961450023 HU700H back view

The features do not stop there. The handle has three height positions so that you can adjust to height that suits you. This rear drive lawn mower also offers water washout feature for cleaning the underside. During the washout process, water, grass and other debris will drain from beneath the housing.

This 22-inch self propelled mower is fitted with 8″ front and 12″ rear wheels. Big rear wheels and rear-wheel-drive make a great combination when dealing with bumpy yards. The front wheels are narrower than the rear. Mowing close to fences or other obstacles could be a challenge. However, this is not a deal breaker for the majority of reviewers.

At this time of writing, Amazon reviewers give the Husqvarna HU700H RWD mower 4.3 stars out of 77 reviews.

A few complaints have been made about the noise level. Reportedly, it is not as quiet as expected. The hand controls for the self propelled feature could also be smoother. Despite some criticisms that have been leveled at the hi-wheel mower, most of the customers have been satisfied with their purchase.

Overall, most owners are thrilled with its mowing abilities. It seems to mulch well. Powered by a Honda engine, it handles rough, hilly terrain with no significant problem.

Positive comments have also been expressed by many customers in reference to the one lever control for the height adjustment. With this feature, all 4 wheels can be quickly adjusted.

With very few parts to deal with, it is fairly simple to assemble. The adjustable handle allows you to get a comfortable position for your height. The bag is easy to empty and the wash system for cleaning the underside has also proven to be a welcome inclusion with this product.

There are no perfect lawn mowers. But if you have a hilly yard then you should consider investing in this rear wheel drive mower. It is much cheaper than the self-propelled honda mower with similar features.

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