GreenWorks 25272 Review – What You Have to Know About The Self Propelled Cordless Mower

GreenWorks 25272 self-propel cordless mower

For many people, using cordless lawn mowers make more sense than using gas-powered ones. They are cheaper to run, more environmentally friendly and considerably less noisy. In addition, a cordless unit has almost no maintenance costs. If you are planning to buy a new battery-operated mower this year, then take a look at the GreenWorks 25272.

This self-propelled unit is powered by a 36V spillfree lead acid battery. According to the manufacturer, you can get up to 50 mintues from a fully charged battery. This should be enough to handle an average city lot on one charge. It takes 10 to 13 hours to fully charge the battery. There are four LED lights that indicate how much charge is in the battery.

This unit features an extra-wide 19″ cutting deck, resulting in faster operation. The cutting deck is constructed from stamped steel. Stamped decks are not generally as sturdy as welded decks if you run into something. Fabricated decks tend to be a lot thicker. However, stamped models are adequate for non-commercial use.

The 36-volt unit is also equipped with a single height adjustment lever, allowing you to easily adjust the blade height. A range of cutting height is provided. You can adjust the cutting height to 7 different positions This electric mower cuts grass to a maximum height of 3 3/8 inches. The lowest setting is 1 1/4 inches.

It comes with a choice of mulching or side discharge. Surely it also can bag the clippings. With 3-in-1 mowing capability, it can accommodate different grass cutting conditions. Mulching plag and grass catcher bag are included in the package. Based on the reviews, it seems the bag holds just enough clippings for a typical residential yard.

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There is an isolator key to prevent accidental starting. To get the mower running, the key needs to be inserted into the slot. There is also a lever that allows you to engage or disengage its self-propel function. This can be useful when you want to reserve the battery power.

Another positive point of this mower is the handle may be completely folded away for easy storage. The folding handle comes with quick action cam locks on both sides. You can adjust the upper handle to the most comfortable of the 2 positions.

The GreenWorks 25272 is a self propelled model, making it is ideal for larger yards and hilly slopes. Just keep in mind that a 15-degree slope is the maximum angle you can cut safely.

Every product has its flaws, and the GreenWorks 25272 is certainly no exception. Compared to lithium-ion powered models, it takes longer to fully recharge the battery. Just like other cordless units, it is not designed for heavy duty jobs. It can get bogged down if your yard is overgrown.

Despite having a few downsides, we think this cordless self-propel lawn mower packs a lot of value. If the features offered line up well with your needs, we sure the GreenWorks 25272 will make a great addition to your gardening equipment..

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