Great States 815-18 Deluxe Review – Is It the Right Push Reel Mower For You?

Great States 815-18 Deluxe Push Reel Mower

Push reel lawn mowers are perfect for environmentally conscious people as they use neither gas nor oil. Additionally, reel mowers cost less to operate than power mowers. A human powered lawn mower will always work when you want it to.If you are trying to buy a new push reel lawn mower and you want a unit that can last for a long time, then the Great States 815-18 is the product to consider. Buying a reel mower from a company that has been in business since 1895 will give you some peace of mind.

Manual reel lawn mowers are best for flat, relatively smooth yards that are less than a quarter acre in size. American Lawn Mower Co or also known as Great States Corporation have manufactured different models. There are 14” Cut – Light Duty, 14” Cut – Economy Mower, 16” Standard – Light Duty, 16” Full Feature, 16” Special Cutting, and 18” Deluxe – Full Feature. The Great States 815-18 18-Inch Deluxe is one of the most popular. As of this writing, it commands a respectable 4.3 stars out of 5 on the Amazon ratings.

Unlike units produced 100 years ago, the mowers of today are lighter. They have undergone variety of changes in the past two decades. When it comes to maneuverability, modern version of reel mowers are not in the same class as old cast-iron reel mowers. Weighing 27 pounds, the Great States 815-18 is not so heavy. You will not get tired very quickly. It is not too light that it will bounce easily. Clearly, it is not too heavy nor too light. You can see that many of the reviewers are women.

The Great States 815-18 is equipped with 10″ composite wheels and radial rubber tires to provide traction between the mower and the ground. The loop handle comes complete with foam grips for comfort. There are three cutting height settings to accommodate a variety of grass conditions. You can lower the blades to cut shorter. The lowest setting is 1/2-inch. Dealing with bent grasses will not be a problem. The highest cutting position is 2-1/2-inch that indicates it is not particularly adapted to high grasses. Be sure to not let the grass get too long between mowings. The cutting height is adjusted by removing nuts on both sides.

It comes with a 5-bladed reel on ball bearings. This makes the job of pushing the mower even easier. Blade steel is the heart of any good reel mower. The ball-bearing reel and blade on this lawn mower are made from tempered alloy steel. In metallurgy, tempering is performed to improve the hardness and elasticity of steel. The bed knife blades are heat treated for a long lasting cutting edge. Basically, heat treatment can alter the microstructure of materials. Improved mechanical properties can be obtained from the process.

This particular manual push lawn mower has been the one in the Great States range that has had the most reviews. The Amazon’s customer feedback has been very positive for the most part. Many people have reported that it does a good job of cutting grass. They have been impressed with the sharp blades that cut well.

This Great States Deluxe is not perfect. It will not cut anything like a tall weed. Depending on your lawn’s condition, you sometimes may have to make a second pass. If your lawn is St.Augustine, Zoysia, or Bermuda, a reel mower this class of lawn mower is probably not the best option. Furthermore, some have reported that it is not great near edges because of the gap between the wheels and the blade. But despite its limitations, it is still worth the price tag.

People have described the Great States 815-18 as a simple mower. According to them, the grass cutter is easy to maneuver and push. Light enough for a woman to handle, heavy enough not to bounce. Remove twigs and branches that may jam your blades before you mow. Other features of this lawn care equipment that have impressed the reviewers include its easy height adjustment and its sturdy construction.

Mowing your lawn manually is a fun leisure activity. It does provide a good workout. A push reel mower allows you to listen to the birds while you mow and smell the fresh cut grass. If you are in the market for a simple 18-inch reel mower then based on the customer reviews the Great States 815-18 Deluxe can be a good choice.

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