Great States 705-16 Review – What You Need To Know About The 16-Inch Reel Mower

Great States 705-16 16-Inch Special Reel Mower

Manufactured by the American Lawn Mower Co, the Great States 705-16 is a reel mower that offers 16-inch cutting width. If your lawn is less than 1/4 of an acre in size then this manual reel mower is a good option. Compared to electric and gasoline powered mowers, this kind of mower offers some advantages. Not only they are environmentally friendly, but also very easy to maintain. A manual push reel mower always works when you want it to.

This unit is designed to cut low-growing, creeping grasses. Coming with seven helix shaped blades, this unit is best suited for cutting bent, heavier grasses. 7 blade design is ideal for closer cleaner cut. This unit comes with heat-treated, tempered alloy steel blades. Combined with a stationary bedknife, the blades cut grass with a scissors-like shearing action.

When it comes to height of cut, the Great States 705-16 American Reel Mower offers 1/2 – 2-1/4 in. cutting height range. Three positions are available for adjustment height. The middle setting is 1 3/4″. In order to select the desired cutting height, the wheel/dust cover assembly is moved to one of the three positions on the side plate. It is essential that the height is the same on both sides of the mower.

The human powered mower is fitted with composite wheels with radial tread tires to help you handle rough, bumpy surfaces. With 10-inch ball bearing wheels, the linear distance travelled with one full rotation of the wheels is around 32 inches. Combined with 7 blade design, the mower will make many cuts for each turn of the wheels.

This hand pushed bent reel mower comes equipped with 2 upper handlebar pieces and 2 lower pieces. To lessen hand fatigue, the flare style handles are fitted with cushion grips. Simly put this mower together using basic instructions.

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Push reel mowers are simple machines that require minimal maintenance. With the Great States 705-16, sharpening the cutting blades should not be necessary for several years. To assure smooth operation, it is suggested to apply oil or lubricant to the axle shaft and wheels regularly. This should be very easy to accomplish however.

If you need to buy a mower to take care of your lawn without those power cord, battery and noise-related issues, then an old-fashioned manual/push reel mower is a great option. Today’s reel mowers are lightweight and easy to push. The Great States 705-16 weighs only 24 lb.

This 16-in American Reel Mower has received 4.8 out of 5 stars on Out of 20 reviews, 16 users awarded five stars. It seems that the majority of users have been impressed with their purchase.

However, there are some cons that you should be knowledgeable on. It is a basic push mower. Some users wish this mower had more cutting height settings. A number of reviewers have also reported that it does not get the edges very well. One final thing to be aware of is that it is designed to cut grass, not weeds.

Despite having a few downsides, the majority of feedback has been very positive. According to reviewers, setup is quick and easy. Basically, you only need to install the handle and adjust the mowing height to your personal preference.

Reviewers have also found that this mower works well on small Bermuda and St Augustine yards. Just do not let the grass get too tall. This unit is specifically intended for low-growing grasses.

Keep in mind that this is a person-powered mower. You may need to go over more than once in some spots to ensure a nice smooth even cut. This of course depends on your lawn’s condition.

The Great States 705-16 is made in America. if you are concerned about the environment, gas prices and your wallet, then this unit is definitely worth considering. No gas means no exhaust.. All you smell is fresh cut grass.

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