Gardena 4025-U Review – Things To Know About The Cordless Push Reel Lawn Mower

Gardena 4025-U

When it comes to lawn and garden equipment, Gardena is an internationally recognised brand name. The parent company is Husqvarna. In 1973, the Germany based company introduced cordless garden tools, allowing gardening enthusiasts to work without annoying cable. In this article, we will take a closer look at one of their cordless products, the Gardena 4025-U.

Featuring a compact design, the Gardena 4025-U is suitable for narrower yard. The most interesting point about the mower is it can be used either as a battery operated mower or a manual reel mower. This way, you can continue mowing while the battery is being charged.

Equipped with a non-stick-coated cutting cylinder, the 4025-U is a perfect for people who need a low noise work grass cutting tool. The rotating cylinder is made of steel. Together with a stationary lower blade, they create a scissor-like cutting action. Compared with rotary mowers, cylinder mowers generally leave a better finish.

When you operate the unit as a battery-operated mower, it takes power from a 25V, 3.2 Ah lithium-ion battery. The rechargeable battery has no memory effect. It can be recharged at any time. According to a number of users, the battery lasts for about an hour under normal condition. There is a charge LED indicator that shows the current charging status. A thermal and overload protection is integrated into the system for safer operation.

Gardena 4025-U cylinder blade

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The working area capacity of this mower is approximately 0.1 acre (400 m²). Consider to keep an extra battery on hand if you have a larger lawn. This unit comes with a removeable battery system, allowing you to easily replace a flat battery with a fully charged one to finish the job.

Mowing height is adjustable from 12 to 42 mm. The Gardena 4025-U is a very unique mower. To accommodate different types of grass, the cutting height can be adjusted to any position. There are two locking screws on both sides of the mower. Unlike other models, there are no positive stops. But there is a scale to help you set the cutting height to the desired position.

Gardena 4025-U foldable handle

The Accu rechargeable cylinder mower does not mulch grass. It includes a detachable bag to help you collect the clippings. At only 13.6 kg (with battery), the cylinder lawn mower is an ideal model for ladies and senior citizens. Many users have found that the unit is easy to push.

The 15-inch lawn mower has a rating of 3.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Despite no mulching function, the customer feedback for this electric push reel lawn mower has largely been very positive.

Surely this product is not perfect. As with most battery operated mowers, its not meant to mow grass that is too long. Further, a replacement battery for the mower does not come cheap. It will cost you around $140. However, it seems the majority of the users have been pleased with their purchase.

If you are in the market for a reel mower, the Gardena 4025-U is worth considering. The electric motor will provide an extra help for you in maintaining the lawn.

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