Earthwise 50218 Review – What You Need To Know About The Corded Lawn Mower

The Earthwise 50218 is a corded lawn mower. Compared to gas powered mowers, electric models generally have lower operation cost and less maintenance. Let us throw light on some of the prominent features associated with this Earthwise walk behind lawn mower.

Earthwise 50218

The 50218 offers a maximum cutting width of 18 inches. If the lawn that you intend to mow is less than 1/4 of an acre in size, then this model is going to do the job. For a larger lot, consider getting a model which is gas powered. But for a small garden, there is no need to buy a more powerful mower with a wider cutting deck.

Coming with a 12 Amp motor, it gives you the option to either mulch or side-discharge the grass clippings. If the grass is too high to mulch, it is best to choose the side discharge option. Use the side discharge deflector that comes with the unit.

With a single lever height adjustment mechanism that comes with this unit, you can easily raise or lower the blade height. You do not have to adjust each wheel seperately. Each type of grass has a recommended mowing height. Set the mower at a proper mowing height to maintain the health of your lawn. This manual push mower has a maximum cutting height of 4 inches. The lowest height setting is 1.5″.

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The Earthwise 50218 weighs 48 pounds. The assembled dimension of the manual push mower is 42″ long, 18″ wide, and 52″ high. It is fitted with 7-inch composite wheels. The unit is designed to handle relatively flat lawns.

A V handle with cushion grip is also incorporated into this lawn mowing system. Some users have reported that the padding on the top is very comfortable. There are handle knobs on the sides of the handle. Loosen the knobs if you want to fold the upper handle down. It does not require any additional tools to lower the handle.

This unit operates on regular house current 15A circuits. With a corded unit , you have to work with the limitations of a power cord. However, a 100-ft. cord should provide ample length to tackle a small lawn conveniently. Just remember to buy the right kind of power cord to lessen overheating situations.

The Earthwise 50218 18-Inch electric mower has received many positive feedback from its customers at It currently has a 4.0/5 star rating. Many reviewers have reported that it is a good little mower.

As with any product, this mower is not an exemption to some flaws. The Earthwise 50218 is a 2-in-1 model. There is no bag attachment. Further, it does not come with large rear wheels, meaning it is not designed to handle uneven terrain. When it comes to cutting power, you should not compare it with a gas mower. The rubber flap design could also be better.

Despite having a few downsides, most of the customers have been satisfied with their purchase. As long as you understand that it is not a heavy duty lawn mower, you will be pleased with its performance. Based on the reviews, it has plenty of power to tacle small yards with few obstacles. Some have even reported that it does not easily bog down in tall grass.

Other positive comments have been made for the fact that the mower offers an easy height adjustment mechanism and metal housing, and that it operates relatively quiet. Users have also found that the mower is easy to push and maneuver. One of them has even referred to it as “the Cadillac of electric mowers”.

If you like the advantages of using a corded electric lawn mower, then the Earthwise 50218 can be a good investment. Many agree that the machine is worth the price.

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