Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mowers

There are some reasons to buy a zero turn mower. With zero turning radius, they offer maximum maneuverability. Two drive wheels spin independently. These machines also allow you to mow your lawn much faster. With a higher blade tip speed, this type of lawn cutting equipment will cut your grass more evenly compared to other mowers. The fact that they can cut closely around bushes means extra trimming is not required. Of course, there are some downsides to consider. They could roll over when dealing with slope at angles greater than 15 degrees. In other words, hills can be a problem. You should not try to tackle anything that is wet.

Review of The Husqvarna RZ4621 46-In Zero Turn Riding Mower

Zero-turn mowers are engineered to deliver superb maneuverability. They are perfect for people who have an acre of grass that needs regular cutting with lots of trees around. If you are looking for this type of ride-on mower, then the Husqvarna RZ4621 is worth a closer look. It has a number of characteristics that make […]