Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mowers

Cordless lawn mowers, whether pushed manually or self-propelled are best suited for residential lawns. Both provide the freedom of a gas mower without the noise and harmful fuel. But with a self-Propelled type you can get the job done with minimal effort. They are more expensive than manual push type units. However, the propulsion feature pulls the mower forward which is handy if you have a hard time pushing a mower manually.

Black & Decker SPCM1936 Review – Plus and Minus Points Of The 19-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

If you choose to invest in an electric lawn mower, the Black & Decker SPCM1936 is one to consider. Equipped with a 19″ blade, this particular machine is designed to cut up to 1/3 of an acre homesite on just one charge. There are many positive reviews in regards to this cordless mowing machine. Let’s […]

Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ409C Review – Pros and Cons Of The Self Propelled Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ409C allows you to get the freedom of cordless convenience. The flexibility offered by mowers that run on battery power is a huge advantage over corded ones. They are also ideal for people who sick and tired of the expense and hassle of gas mowers. If you feel that 1/2 […]

GreenWorks 25272 Review – What You Have to Know About The Self Propelled Cordless Mower

For many people, using cordless lawn mowers make more sense than using gas-powered ones. They are cheaper to run, more environmentally friendly and considerably less noisy. In addition, a cordless unit has almost no maintenance costs. If you are planning to buy a new battery-operated mower this year, then take a look at the GreenWorks […]