Black & Decker MTC220 Review – Pros and Cons of the Compact 3-in-1 Machine

Black & Decker MTC220 12-Inch Lithium Cordless 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower

Released by Black & Decker, the MTC220 can be a good solution for small yards with irregular terrain. It is ideal for someone who does not have much grass to cut. If you have limited storage space, this compact yard maintenance device is also worth considering. The name Black & Decker has been associated with quality mowing machines and based on user feedback, this mini mower is not an exception. In this review you will find information regarding its main features, along with some advantages and disadvantages.

The Black & Decker MTC220 is definitely not for those with an acre-and-a-half to cut. But it can be useful for people with larger lawns to trim what is left behind by their riding. Even with robotics lawn mowers, a supplemental manual mower is sometimes needed. Isolated grass patches, for example, can be impractical for a robot mower. There is a corded version of this model (Black & Decker MTE912). But for yards with lots of obstacles, a corded electric mower can be frustrating.

You can get this product in under $150. For the same price you can get the Black & Decker LM175, an 18-Inch electric mower. You can discharge or bag your grass while mowing with the 6.5 Amp electric mower. But there are a number of features that make this 3-in-1 machine stand out from the rest. A standard mower is an overkill for a small front yard. With a small footprint, the MTC220 will be easier to push and maneuver. The versatile 3-in-1 machine weighs merely 14 lbs which is great for someone with limited strength.

This mowing machine is ideal for properties up to 700 sq. feet. It comes with a detachable mower deck that provides an option to convert from trimmer/edger to a mower. There is a foot pedal release for easy switching between trimming and cutting. It just takes one button to release the trimmer. When it comes to height settings, do not compare this 3-in-1 lawn equipment with a regular lawn mower. It only offers two height positions, (1.6 and 2.4 inches). Some people wish there were more than just two levels.

Cleaning the deck will not be a challenging task with the detachable system. The wall hanger option makes more efficient use of storage space. Customers at have extensively reviewed the cordless tool and most of this feedback has been favorable. The fact that the deck is made of plastic makes it very light. Some people wish it was a bit heavier. The lightweight design makes it harder to tackle medium and high growth. However, the majority of the reviewers agree that it serves them properly.

Having a battery operated system means no gas, oil, or tune-ups to worry about. The MTC220 3-N-1 trimmer/edger and mower uses a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery system to operate. Two batteries are shipped with the product for extended run time. Compared with NiCad batteries of the same voltage, Li-ion batteries are usually smaller and more compact. The energy density is higher than NiCd. The manufacturer claims that the Li-ion battery retains its charge five times longer than similar 18-volt NiCad batteries.

One spool of trimmer string, auxiliary handle, guard and operating instructions are also included. Integrated with automatic feed spool technology, the MTC220 allows you to enjoy non-stop trimming. The pivoting handle is adjustable so you can work at the ideal height. The plastic surround also guarantees no accidental tree bark cuts. As mentioned before, you can edge with this yard machine. Just rotate the pole 90 degrees and lock it into position. There is a flip-up metal guide that assists with edging along sidewalks and driveways.

The trimmer/edger and mower combo has been reviewed by a lot of its customers at The feedback for the product has generally been very positive. Many people have reported that it is great as a trimmer and edger. As a mower, it only has a 12″ mowing deck. Basically, it is a trimmer with a mowing deck. If you are planning to mow a very large lawn, this certainly is not the mower for you. Many people have commented that using it is more like vacuuming than mowing.

Some people have also commented that even with the highest deck setting, it still cuts the grass too low and therefore it can be difficult to move over thick and lush lawn. If you are going to cut the grass high, it certainly is not the right machine for you. Standard mowers usually come with a maximum cut height of 3 inches or higher. This would be a better product If it had a higher cut setting.

While it cannot really take the place of a regular lawn mower, the lightweight design makes it a great machine for a handicapped or older person with a small yard. As the deck is not as wide as a regular mower, getting between bushes and navigating around flower beds can be performed easily. If you live in a townhome with a tiny front yard, then based on the customer feedback, you will be happy with this product.

Despite its limitations, most of the customer reviews for this product have been very positive. According to many reviewers, it does a good job of trimming and cutting the grass. They have found that the transition from the mower deck to the wacker/edger is effortless. When it comes to battery life, it has been reported that the batteries last about 30 minutes each. You might not be able to finish cutting a normal suburban lawn even with 2 fully charged batteries. But this mower is intended for small sized yards anyway.

The B&D MTC220 is not for everyone. Each lawn mower is different and has its own limitations. Before ordering this product, be sure you know what you are getting. But if you want a lawn equipment that provides versatility for a range of grass-cutting tasks, then it can be a great addition to your power tool collection. It is also a good option for people with back problems.

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